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Regulation Compliance

Twice Technologies is a Computer Solutions company based in Orlando, Florida, that specializes in building and maintaining computer networks, computer security, computer repairs, virus removals, computer tune ups, and many other computer services. Established over 25 years ago, Twicetech is proud to provide a vast array of fast, efficient, professional and cost effective computer products and services. Our values rest upon honesty, respect, professionalism, service effectiveness and promptness.

At Twicetech, we offer quality services and use only the best parts in the market, because we understand downtime is unacceptable. We follow a strict "high quality philosophy" because our goal is to provide you with next-generation "open technology" systems, so you can easily upgrade and keep up with the best technologies currently available.

Our teams of Technology Engineers have immense experience setting up the most complex computer networks. Our senior technicians have Master degrees in various Engineering fields and carry with them over 25 years of computer networking experience.

Regulation and Compliance


Health insurance portability and accountability act (hipaa) of 1996, includes the privacy rule and security rule. Privacy rule: federal law that keeps your health information private from others. Sets limits on who can access your health information, whether it is electronic, written, or oral form.

Security rule: protects the electronic form of your health information, including personal information in your medical record, notes between your doctors and nurses, and health insurance and billing information.

Health care providers – we work with you to ensure that your business complies with the regulations set forth from an it standpoint.

EMR / EHR (meaningful use)

We assist you in providing the equipment and skills necessary to move your business towards a paperless environment while ensuring compliance with the various requirements for secure access to sensitive data.


Created by the payment card industry security standards council the (pci dss) payment card industry data security standard includes American Express, Discover Sinancial Services, JCB International, Mastercard Worldwide, and Visa Inc. The design behind this standard is to prevent identity theft and fraud of personal information and credit cards by protecting customer account information. PCI compliance applies to all merchants who process any cardholder information from the aforementioned credit card brands.

we ensure that our clients, especially in the hospitality industry, maintain compliance with this standard by meeting all of the requirements.

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Backup and Disaster

Data redundancy is only as good as your last backup. Whether you are looking at an on-premises rotational backup or offsite cloud backup, we have a solution that fits your budget and capacity requirements. A recovery plan is essential in planning for the worst case scenario by having the necessary redundancy and procedures in place to minimize downtime and loss of data. We are well versed in the latest backup applications and techniques and we can customize your backup schedule to meet the needs of your business.

Some of the latest backup hardware solutions we deploy include: network attached storage (nas), storage-area networks (san), and enterprise-class san-attached storage (sas). Some of the backup software applications we work with include: barracuda backup, symantec system recovery, symantec backup exec, acronis, carbonite, mozy, google apps backup, ibm tivoli storage manager, microsoft backup, microsoft system center data protection manager, apple time machine.

Cloud ComputingCloud Computing

As defined by the national istitute of standards and technology (NIST), the four deployment models for cloud computing include:

Private Cloud

Community Cloud

Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

The concept of moving your data offsite to the internet appears to some a scary proposition. However upon closer inspection, the benefits that cloud computing offers, through the use of virtual servers are becoming very appealing to a growing number of businesses, large and small. The scalable architecture of cloud computing allows your IT costs to stay in line with your business growth by allowing you to pay for what you use. Offsite redundancy is built in, while standard application licensing costs are reduced because this responsibility is shifted to the provider, which intern you pay a fraction for as part of your 'pay-as-you-go' or subscription-based fee. Core application licensing costs adhere to a set of different licensing models available in the cloud, along with the option in some cases of moving existing on-premises licensing to the cloud.

Cloud Administration

We manage your cloud-based vendors and how they need to be assessed and integrated with your business.

We accomplish this by being your single point of contact for all of your cloud-based vendors.

Cloud Issue Resolution - We liaison directly with your vendors to resolve issues in an expedited fashion.

Ongoing Maintenance - Keeping the cloud in line with your business. Isolating and replacing components of your cloud that may be inefficient and building on facets of the cloud that benefit your business.

Testing and applying new releases of software connections otherwise known as Application Programming Interfaces (API's) released by your cloud vendors.