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Network Services

Your network is the backbone of your business and to ensure its functionality provides you with optimal efficiency and redundancy we employ various methods of proactively monitoring and maintaining this vital infrastructure. Our team of engineers is very accomplished in deploying and maintaining it solutions in an efficient manner and in a variety of industries.

How We Can Help Your Business

Server Support

Every aspect of setting up and maintaining a single or multiple server-based network, including some of the most commonly utilized features: VPN, remote desktop, active directory, DHCP, DNS, server-based faxing, ODBC database management, certificates, group policy. We are trained and experienced in the latest operating systems released by the major software companies along with the legacy operating systems still in place today in many businesses. We work on both ends of the server spectrum, whether the platform is Microsoft, apple, or Linux.

We also support virtualization platforms such as Citrix to optimize application and session virtualization and Vmware, a self-managed virtual infrastructure which allows you to embrace the power and agility of multiple operating systems on one or more physical systems.

Software Support

We liaison with your software vendors to ensure that the applications you use work to your satisfaction and when they don't we escalate the issue to ensure that it is addressed immediately in order to minimize disruption to your work flow. Where necessary we ensure that all the latest patches and updates are applied, to enable your software to perform at its best. Whatever the program or application, we are either familiar with the product or can easily pickup on the concepts in use. All software is designed to perform a specific function; it's our job to ensure that you are happy with the results. If you are unhappy with the program you have we will find and deploy a better solution that works for you.

Network Connectivity and Optimization

Proactive: using various network monitoring tools we can check on the baseline performance of your current network and interconnected devices and monitor the performance on an ongoing basis. We can also isolate problem areas where errors or packet loss is occurring and pinpoint bottlenecks that may be hindering your overall network performance. This enables us to optimize your network stability and improve efficiency.

Reactive: if you are experiencing issues with your network, you may be surprised that in many cases one device can bring down an entire network. It's our job to isolate the culprit and get you back up and running in minimal time.

Ensuring User Productivity

Today's businesses face a pandora 's box of hazards that prevent your business from being productive. Your employees should not be one of these inefficiencies. User monitoring, reduced system functionality and restrictive internet access are all methods we can employ to ensure that your employees concentrate on the job at hand.

E-Mail Collaboration Systems

We support all e-mail and collaboration technologies available today including Microsoft exchange on-premises and exchange online. We also support other methods of e-mail access including: imap / pop3. We support you on your application-side, in the form of configuring and troubleshooting the programs you use in order to maximize your efficiency. Whether you are utilizing onsite mainstream applications or the power of cloud-based software service such as office 365, we have the knowledge and insight to get you connected.

Network Expansion

As a growing business you face challenges in deciding on upgrading or replacing equipment to meet the ever-increasing needs of your business. Based on your needs we make recommendations that work for your business, whether it be cutting-edge technology or the need to keep to a narrower budget. We work with you to keep you informed of the best options available based on your ever-evolving needs.

Network Downsizing

Strategically planning on reducing your IT assets is a tough decision for anyone to have to make. We support you throughout the entire process by eliminating overhead and cutting your IT expenditure. As much as we want your business, we would rather see you succeed in whatever capacity necessary to ensure the survival of your business, with us by your side. Maximizing efficiency is one of the key elements which we can assist you and your employees in accomplishing. This we do in multiple ways. One method is to ensure that all the required functionality is made available to the users that need it. Another method is to cut out inefficient habits and redundant applications and instead assist users in focusing on the functionalities that optimize productivity in day-to-day operations.

We can replace your existing in-house it department to ensure that you cut your IT expenditure dramatically.

We offer it support plans of varying sizes to meet your custom needs.

Network Migration

Whether your network is operating on legacy technology or your server is being replaced entirely, we specialize in ensuring that all of the functionality you have today is available tomorrow. Your data and applications can be moved to a newer platform while we ensure that your ability to access everything in a familiar way is retained. We perform a variety of migration types, some of which include: cloud, server, Microsoft exchange, workstation, custom application, network infrastructure, interconnected devices, and internet provider network migrations.

Whether you choose to migrate to a newer on-premises server with the option of running Microsoft exchange, or you choose to move your data to the cloud, we can offer you options for both. As an Intel channel partner and Microsoft partner we have access to cutting-edge technologies and the leading providers so we can offer you the best solutions at the best price.

Business Relocation

We can help in every aspect of moving your business:

  • Documenting and labeling your current physical equipment, designations and locations before moving.
  • Deploying the required power, voice and data drops at your new office location.
  • Physically moving your equipment from old office to new.
  • Setting up and configuring new equipment.
  • Setting up the phones and internet connectivity.

Your technical liaison with any other vendors including internet service providers and cloud-based vendors.

Multiple Site Integration

Whether your needs require dedicated connectivity between offices, remote access to the main office or satellite offices, Citrix centralized access to applications, Microsoft exchange, or a cloud computing environment, we have the expertise to ensure that your infrastructure is optimized. By having multiple offices you can take advantage of eliminating overhead at each office, consolidate your phones and application access, and ensure transparency throughout.


Regulation Compliance


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, includes the privacy rule and security rule.

Privacy rule: federal law that keeps your health information private from others. Sets limits on who can access your health information, whether it is electronic, written, or oral form.

Security rule: protects the electronic form of your health information, including personal information in your medical record, notes between your doctors and nurses, and health insurance and billing information.

Health care providers – we work with you to ensure that your business complies with the regulations set forth from an IT standpoint.

EMR / EHR (meaningful use)

We assist you in providing the equipment and skills necessary to move your business towards a paperless environment while ensuring compliance with the various requirements for secure access to sensitive data.


Created by the payment card industry security standards council the (PCI DSS) payment card industry data security standard includes American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa Inc. The design behind this standard is to prevent identity theft and fraud of personal information and credit cards by protecting customer account information. PCI compliance applies to all merchants who process any cardholder information from the aforementioned credit card brands.

We ensure that our clients, especially in the hospitality industry, maintain compliance with this standard by meeting all of the requirements.

Network Security

Ensuring your network is protected from both the outside and inside is paramount in guaranteeing your data is protected. Unfortunately most of the networks we encounter are either incorrectly configured or worse, not secured at all. This leaves those networks susceptible to security compromises.

Webcom it solutions offers an IT security evaluation to expose weaknesses in your network, in order to protect your business from future attacks. Our evaluation comprises of a series of tests covering every aspect of your network, including:

  • Firewall Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Network Analysis
  • Server Security Assessment
  • Backup (Onsite / Offsite) Evaluation
  • Workstation Security Analysis
  • Server Room Physical Access Assessment
  • Remote Access Evaluation
  • VPN Assessment
  • Optionally, Exchange Server Configuration and Security Assessment

When complete we will present you with an IT security analysis document outlining the vulnerabilities that exist in your network and our recommendations for corrective action. An IT security evaluation gives you the added benefit of peace of mind, knowing your data is secure in an uncertain world. If you have any doubts about the security of your network, schedule an IT security evaluation with us today.

Smartphone / Tablet / Laptop Support

The evolution of mobile devices has presented the consumer with a myriad of options, each with its own set of challenges. At Webcom it solutions we work heavily on all the latest mobile technologies and would be happy to suggest and configure a solution that meets your needs. Your tablet, smart phone or laptop can be configured to access your business remotely, via remote control or securely synchronized using Microsoft exchange for e-mail access. Integrating the power of mobility gives you yet another avenue to boost your efficiency when outside of the office.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Data redundancy is only as good as your last backup. Whether you are looking at an on-premises rotational backup or offsite cloud backup, we have a solution that fits your budget and capacity requirements. A recovery plan is essential in planning for the worst case scenario by having the necessary redundancy and procedures in place to minimize downtime and loss of data. We are well versed in the latest backup applications and techniques and we can customize your backup schedule to meet the needs of your business.

Some of the latest backup hardware solutions we deploy include: Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage-Area Networks (SAN), and enterprise-class San-Attached Storage (SAS).

Some of the backup software applications we work with include: barracuda backup, Symantec system recovery, Symantec backup exec, Acronis, Carbonite, Mozy, Google apps backup, IBM Tivoli storage manager, Microsoft backup, Microsoft system center data protection manager, apple time machine.

Cloud Computing

As defined by the National Institute of Standards And Technology (NIST), the four deployment models for cloud computing include:

  • Private cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

The concept of moving your data offsite to the internet appears to some a scary proposition. However upon closer inspection, the benefits that cloud computing offers, through the use of virtual servers are becoming very appealing to a growing number of businesses, large and small. The scalable architecture of cloud computing allows your IT costs to stay in line with your business growth by allowing you to pay for what you use. Offsite redundancy is built in, while standard application licensing costs are reduced because this responsibility is shifted to the provider, which intern you pay a fraction for as part of your 'pay-as-you-go' or subscription-based fee. Core application licensing costs adhere to a set of different licensing models available in the cloud, along with the option in some cases of moving existing on-premises licensing to the cloud.

Cloud Administration

We manage your cloud-based vendors and how they need to be assessed and integrated with your business.

We accomplish this by being your single point of contact for all of your cloud-based vendors.

Cloud Issue Resolution - we liaison directly with your vendors to resolve issues in an expedited fashion.

Ongoing Maintenance - keeping the cloud in line with your business. Isolating and replacing components of your cloud that may be inefficient and building on facets of the cloud that benefit your business.

Testing and applying new releases of software connections otherwise known as Application Programming Interfaces (API's) released by your cloud vendors.



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