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Twenty years plus since the debut of the PC, introduction of the Server, and wide implementation of Local Area Networks in the business environment, computing has really proliferated. We now have computers on just about every desk and in every home. Laptops are faster, pack more memory, and store more data than most servers of a decade ago. And the great news is computing hardware has become a comodity with pricing at an all time low. So, you would think "great; managing systems must be much easier now."


True but only on the front end. The fact is that things cannot be any more complex behind the scenes, back there in the server room, where the backbone of business computing really resides. Several examples make this case; we will point to just two here. Backing up data used to be a simple 1..2..3.. task sometimes as easy as copying files from a couple of folders to a few floppy disks or a tape or two.

As software became smarter and computing more proliferant, data grew and disbursed to locations everywhere from personal document spaces on workstations, hidden application folders on local computers as well as servers, and/or in encrypted databases and files that may be housed on multiple drives or enterprise storage area networks.

Today vulnerabilitie

Another example is security. It used to take good virus protection tools and the latest virus definition files to keep your system safe or at worst to recover from an infection. Today vulnerabilities are abound with phishing, hacks, spams, and other attacks that make the computing infrastructure susceptible and recovery costly and time consuming.

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