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Sharepoint Consultants

Twice Tech prides itself on bringing a consumer-grade experience to SharePoint intranets. We make SharePoint simple, beautiful and easy-to-use.




Our extensive experience with Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint and .NET, help organizations streamline operations and communicate more effectively, both internally and externally.

SharePoint Managed Services


Microsoft SharePoint is a robust application platform that greatly enhances workforce collaboration, enables access to information and streamlines business processes. SharePoint’s architecture is flexible and enables you, through configuration and customization, to extend its reach throughout an organization.

Providing a high degree of expert-level support for all of the features and capabilities of the application is extremely challenging for even the largest enterprises. Proper SharePoint support requires subject matter experts in the following roles: Administrators, Power Users, Developers, and Architects. 

SharePoint Site Administration Support

SharePoint is a powerful application platform that enables Site Administrators to configure and modify the application to meet specific business requirements. Due to SharePoint’s size and capabilities, issues can arise without the proper oversight and governance. As a result, it is critical that your SharePoint Site Administrators have access to expert resources for guidance, assistance, and support. In addition, TwiceTech team of experts can assume responsibility for SharePoint Site Administration if your company does not currently have personnel to fill this role.


Launch & Activation

Perhaps the most important part of undertaking an intranet redesign or launch is ensuring that you gain critical buy-in from employees and launch with a bang. Our activation team brings the creative prowess to the table to ensure a memorable on-site and in-person experience on launch day.

Technical Architecture

Twicetech technical architecture toolkit leverages the power of SharePoint, O to customize your portal to your organization’s unique specifications – whether that requires an on-premise, cloud or a hybrid setup.

  • Performance tuning
  • On-premise, cloud & hybrid environment deployment
  • Independent & external test environments
  • Active Directory integration